Our project

"Let's be eco-friendly" is a project which we plan to run for two years and engage in it students aged 11 to 14 and teachers from four European countries: Turkey,Poland and Romania. Choosing partners for our project we have analysed our schools' situation. It helped us determine our weak and strong points, choose project's priority relevant to all partners and decide upon project's main topic. We have decided to promote the acquisition of skills and competences and focused on promoting pro-ecological attitudes among our students, local community and worldwide. We have started an eTwinning project to enhance thorough analysis of the problem of underachievement in our schools, identify its causes and point to possible solutions.

Students performing planned activities will have to use their ICT, Native Language, Technology and Design Art, Music,Nature skills and English as all activities will be performed in this language. Performing planned activities will help our students practise what they have learnt during regular classes and expand their knowledge.
Teachers' task will not only be to supervise students' work but also share their experiences and knowledge. Teachers will discuss teaching methods used in their schools, problems they face and ways of resolving them. During student exchanges they will take part in activities aimed at presenting and practising used in partner schools methods which can be adapted to fight school underachievement. The activities will at the same time promote pro-ecological attitudes, as they will move around ecology issues addressed by all partner schools. Gained during the exchanges knowledge will be shared with other students, teachers and local partners' community. All project products and teaching materials will be used in regular classes in partner schools during and after the project. They will be published on project site, TwinSpace and in OER bases and in this way made public and available to be used by all interested teachers all over the world.